First Bib Attempt

16 Feb

Not the greatest, definitely shows that I need to work on my sewing skills! Time to practice..


Vintage Bar Stools

29 Jul

For the past few months, we’ve contemplated what to do with our ugly bar stools, as they’ve just been taking up space in the corner.  They’re always good to have around when company is over, but other than that, I’d rather have something pretty that matches our aesthetic.  In my search, I came across a wide variety of stools for just about any budget.


The first is from West Elm.  For $179 plus $21 in shipping, this is a splurge in my book.  As pretty as it is, I don’t think I could justify that price tag for one stool.

Seating - Industrial Stool | west elm - industrial stool


This next one is by Woodland Imports.  For $86 plus free shipping, it’s a much better bargain.  The look is still there, just without the steep price.

Vintage Inspire Metal Bar Chair

This last stool is priced in the middle of the two others at $115, but I love the red paint-chipped seat!

I’ll be searching local antique stores for a true vintage piece, but if all else fails, I would love to have any of these stools!

Delft Clay Wish List

26 Jul

A few weeks ago, I started taking a class in low-tech casting at one of the local art schools.  The first technique we were taught was delft clay casting, and I’m already obsessed.  Being that it’s low-tech, there isn’t much that you need to get started.  I’m hoping to have all of this equipment sometime soon, so that I can cast from home!

no. 1 // delft clay mold frame and 4.4 lb delft clay bag

When casting, you can reuse any clay that hasn’t been burnt, so a bag this size should definitely last a while for one person.

Blazer GB4001-02 Stingray Butane Torch, Blue

no. 2 // blazer stingray micro torch 

I’ve had this micro torch in my Amazon wishlist for well over a year.  Someday I’ll break down and buy it!

no. 3 // “the whip” melting crucible (two dishes: 1-3/4″ and 2-1/4″)

I may be biased, as this is the crucible that we use in class, but it definitely meets its needs.  It comes with two crucibles, so you can switch between metals instantly while avoiding contamination.

no. 4 // german jeweler’s saw

This one comes with plenty of blades, which is good for me because I have a tendency to break them!

Casting Grain - Sterling Silver - 1 oz

no. 5 // silver casting grain

Although I might start out with bronze casting grain to get the concepts down, silver will always be my metal of choice!

There are about a million other little things that I can think of that I would need, such as sheet metal, tongs, butane, solder, files, a ball peen hammer… etc etc.  This is already looking to be an expensive hobby, but so far it seems worth it!

…anddd here’s the SECOND thing I’ve ever cast.  A bronze Lego!  My first casting didn’t go so well, but I’m happy with the results of my second try.  It has it’s imperfections, but that just gives it more character (or at least I tell myself that to make myself feel better)!  If all goes well, this will soon be made into a ring.


Mosquito Repelling Plants

25 Jul

Texas has received its fair amount of rain within the past few months, which has definitely helped to keep the heat down. The rain definitely saved us time watering our garden, although with that rain came hordes of mosquitoes. We’ve definitely tried our fair share of mosquito sprays, candles, and torches.

In place of spray and pesticides, try a cluster of mosquito-repelling potted plants. Grouped together near a seating area on your deck or patio, they make a pretty and lush addition to your outdoor landscape while also protecting you and your guests. Check out One Kings Lane’s article Easy Update: Mosquito-Repelling Potagerie for more information about how a trio of lush potted plants will have you saying good-bye to bug spray.

I will definitely be taking a trip to the nursery soon for some citronella and catnip!

Delft Clay Casting

21 Jul

My obsession of the month…
Soon I shall have a Lego ring if all goes well!


Craftsy Classes

30 Apr

The next 2 free Craftsy mini-courses I’m going to take are:

Online Quilting Class

1.Creative Quilt Backs: Make the back of your quilt just as interesting as the front! Oh, Fransson! blog author Elizabeth Hartman walks you through everything you need to know to make beautiful quilt backs.

FREE Online Sewing Class

2.Sewing Machine 911: Give your sewing machine some TLC with the help of this free course. Learn to clean and maintain your sewing machine with tips and tricks taught in this class.

“Why?” you might ask.

1. I’ve been watching way too much Project Runway, and need to get re-acquainted with my sewing machine.
2. Did I mention they’re free?!

Check out all of the other free Craftsy mini-courses by clicking here.

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